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Innocent and other NZCN membersNZCN file picture of Innocent, Molly, Linda and Regis

By Innocent Chirawu

A SIZEABLE number of people turned out for the Nottingham Mayor Christmas Cheer fund, earlier Regis Manyanya had interviews with various radio stations message was clear and straight forward Zimbabwe is in dire need of aid, its times like this when you need friends to stick by you and the people of Nottingham deserve praise, the following (at the bottom below the pictures) is Regis’ statement.


 Pictures of the day: Nottingham Lord Mayor Gulwaz Khan (3rd from right in the middle row) stands outside the Town House together with some of the NZCN delegates who participated in the event of the day.

Picture 120 by zimnotts

IN the stand-alone picture below is Harare Lord Mayor Muchadeyi Masunda

Below on the extreme right is Regis standing next to Lord Mayor Khan and  other participantsPicture 171 by zimnotts.Picture 136 by zimnotts.
In the above photo Nicholas Shiri is flanked by two members of the press

“On behalf of the suffering people of Zimbabwe I would want to say thank you to the people of Nottingham, your Lord Mayor your people have shown so much concern towards the suffering that the people of Zimbabwe are going through. I know you are fully aware that democracy is now non existing in Zimbabwe. I will emphasise that these relations are between the people of Nottingham and the Hararians. Mugabe is nowhere near this arrangement. Zimbabwe is consumed by a man made humanitarian crisis with the recent outbreak of cholera having claimed more than 800 lives so far. We understand Europe is affected by recession and the people of Nottingham are not an exception to this, however in the most trying times the people of Nottingham have dug deeper into their pockets all for a worthy cause. Its times like this when you need friends to stick by you. Thank you your Lord Mayor and God bless the people of Nottingham. Thank you.”

Nicholas Shiri the MDC youth Chairman in Nottingham read his poem;

We stood together in Nottingham

We stood as brothers in Nottingham

Our souls suffering together in Harare

From the warmth in the hearts of Nottingham

Our tears in Harare are wiped away

From the comforting arms in Nottingham

Our rights in Harare are being restored

We stood as one in Nottingham

We fought cholera in Harare from Nottingham

We stood as sisters in Nottingham

We fought oppression in Harare from Nottingham

We thank the hearts of Nottingham

As we think of the souls in Harare


Tsitsi Chimbwanda a newly recruited member of the NZCN had her poem;


Bread basket and  wine, A  country so fine.

In her days of Glory Before it became gory.

In the beginning the men did toil to hold onto their birth soil

Men so strong, bold and brave

Along with the innocent they did slave,

During the turmoil they went to their graves,

Bread Basket and wine. A country so  bold.

But today behold rubble that was Gold

As a country gone bad so greatly sad

And the world cried out How sad, How Bad

So the men of power and those who had tampered with the hours

Gathered together for the gravest of hours

To discuss the plight of a country that was so bright

No conclusion was Reached , No solution was preached

So with a shrug and a sigh, They  let the people die,

Out the people cried, And Voted they tried

But nothing they did would do any good.


The occasion was also graced by the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC)  Midlands north Chairman Mr Tonderai Samanyanga, we both  had a chat with the Mayor on where a number of projects were outlined, as  NZCN we are going to make a follow up but our relief has been the eventual hosting of the Mayor Cheer Christmas Fund, we all understand the donations will go towards a worthy cause, also let it not be forgotten that there was almost a standoff  that nearly caused the NZCN to pull out of the event in protest against the decision by the Home office to try and deport one of our members to Zimbabwe under the disguise that she is Malawian, we as NZCN would want to say thank once again to the Honourable MP Mr Alan Simpson for saving Patricia Wadi s intended deportation.

 Regis Manyanya played a pivotal role in communicating with all authorities, may God bless all those who participated in this exercise.


 I, Innocent Chirawu , as the current chairperson of NZCN would like to take this oppurtunity to express my sincere gratitude to Regis for fully representing me as I could not attend the function due to my working in Buckinghamshire. I am also  greatly thankful to the Lord Mayor for placing the suffering Hararians on his agenda and extending that fund towards the cholera epidemic. Lastly, I would like to applaude everyone who participated in this noble and historic event. May the Good Lord bless you all. To quote a scripture let me say, Glory to God in the  highest and on earth peace to all men of good will.







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3 Comments Add your own

  • 1. Zvavareyi  |  December 11, 2008 at 2:10 pm

    We salute these efforts,
    our gratitude to these wonderful job
    May god bless you all

  • 2. Denise Rootenberg  |  December 18, 2008 at 6:59 pm

    Thank you for standing with the beleagured people of Zimbabwe.

  • 3. Chiwoniso Madeu  |  December 21, 2008 at 6:33 pm

    God bless people of Zimbabwe were ever there are .Its not their choices to live their country which used to be one of the best country in africa to imigrate elsewhere .I am proud to be a member of Zimbabwe Community Network , and l am proud to be Zimbabwean.


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