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A ZIMBABWEAN woman who fears she will be killed if she is deported has returned to Nottingham.

Patricia Wadi has finally been granted bail after spending weeks in detention.

Ms Wadi supportersSome of Ms Wadi’s supporters

Back row (Left to Right): Tabitha Hove, Vivian Mawere, Muparadzi and showing hisback is Shadreck Gandanzara. In front wearing a black cap and black T-shirt: Innocent Chirawu


Some more friends of the NZCN

Ms Wadi was just two hours away from being deported on December 4, when Nottingham South MP Alan Simpson (below)’s

office intervened and made representations to the Minister for Immigration.

But she continued to be held because the authorities did not accept she is from Zimbabwe.

Mr Simpson said it was a good sign she had been granted bail. He added: “It’s brilliant news. It suggests that they know she’s Zimbabwean and not from Malawi. Given that the only language she spoke other than English is Zimbabwean, I would have thought that was fairly obvious from the start.”

Bail was eventually granted yesterday, following two applications by James Ramowski, a lawyer representing Ms Wadi.

But Mr Ramowski has still not been officially notified of Ms Wadi’s bail – or the reasons for it.

He said: “I’ve only found out about it through third parties, through one of the sureties she’s going to be bailed to.”

The Home Office have been to visit the house, which is unusual, to check it’s his house as claimed, and also that there’s a room for her there.”

Ms Wadi, 36, fled Zimbabwean capital Harare after her husband, an activist for the Movement for Democratic Change, was tortured and killed. She has been living in the Radford area for six years.

Further inquiries will now be made over her status.

-The Evening Post/NZCN reporter

Some sample emailbiz before the breakthrough
— On Sun, 21/12/08, Douglas Zawe <> wrote:
From: Douglas Zawe <>
Subject: Re:patricia wadi and xmas wishes
Date: Sunday, 21 December, 2008, 6:18 PM

<!–#yiv1606069537 #yiv2087471705 DIV {margin:0px;}–>

it is disappointing to note that pple from our country are being treated in this manner by the home office, l think it is a good idea to show some solidarity with these two sisters of ours .I want to say to u Regis that u have my full support on all that you are trying to do …..l wish you a merry christmas a happy new year 2009..

From: regis manyana <>
To: Zvikomborero Bakare <>; Admire Bandamire <>; blessing bule <>; Blessing Bule <>; shepard Bunu <>; judith Bvuma <>; memory chandawira <>; Nicholas Chawasarira <>; Tsitsi Chimbwanda <>; Tatenda Chimene <>; molly chimene <>; iva chingono <>; moses chinyani <>; John Chipendo <>; Innocent Chirau <>; Alice Chiwanga <>; jennie Choto <>; amdan dani <>; chantel dee <>; Simba Dziruni <>; maria garikayi <>; Wynnet Jewure <>; joy jim <>; Eddie Kamanda <>; lunga lunga <>; dunga lunga <>; prosper m majongwe <>; Richard Makeke <>; Albert Mandebvu <>; timothy mandishona <>; Mandivenga Mandivenga <>; marufu marufu <>; clemency matemai <>; jaison MDC Matewu <>; Edward Mombeyarara <>; maluvo mtombeni <>; muchekaza muchekaz <>; Preacher Muguza <>; Stembile Mujati <>; Patience Muparadzi <>; Barbra Muparadzi <>; Chipendo Mupostotri <>; chiedza murandu <>; Herbert Mushangi <>; Ebbah Mushangi <>; Spencer Mutemasango <>; Steve Muzwuru <>; Blessing Mvundura <>; Mike Ngulube <>; chengesai Nkomo <>; Wilson Nyakumbi <>; never nyakumbi <>; joseph Nyamupingidza <>; crispen nyatsuro <>; Tawanda Pendeke <>; jackie phiri <>; anna robert <>; Elijah Sande <>; Timothy Takaidza <>; shangwa ton <>; Douglas Zawe <>; Tendayi Ziriro <>; eddyward zvavareyi <>
Sent: Wednesday, 3 December, 2008 20:31:08
Subject: Fw: Friends

— On Wed, 3/12/08, regis manyana <> wrote:

From: regis manyana <>
Subject: Friends
To: “Claire AF” <>, “Stuart Brown” <>, “Bill refugee” <>, “Angela Mckenzie” <>, “konnie lloyd” <>
Date: Wednesday, 3 December, 2008, 8:26 PM

Iam totally powerless and feeling very dissapointed about the recent events,Patricia Wadi a Zimbabwean who was living in Nottingham is on the brink of being deported she is briefly being held at Yarlswood Detention Centre in Bedford,her crime she travelled to the UK using a Malawian passport,apparently she is not the only Zimbabwean  being detained under similar circumstances we have another Thethelani being detained at Oakington detention Centre in Cambridge.Patricia is a member of the NZCN.We as the NZCN have been invited by the Lord Mayor of Nottingham for a Mayor X-Mass Cheer Fund part of the proceeds being channelled into Zimbabwe,there are now calls to totally boycott this event if she is deported we will make our concerns be known through the media locally and internationally.This event is earmarked for the 10-12-08.My belief is if its to show some kind of solidarity with the suffering people of Zimbabwe then to an extent it has to start from here,we know the people of Nottingham want to help and we thank the Lord Mayor for this kind of gratitude but i think our dignity comes first,they will always be more donations hopefully in a new Zimbabwe.
Patricia Wadi s details Yarlswood prison Bedford,her contact number is 07919843592
Peterbrough detention number was XN4931.
Patricia is earmarked to be deported on the04-12-08
Time – 17.40

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