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Zimbabweans from across England converged in Nottingham on Saturday the 7 May 2011 to commemorate their Independence in despair, the event started slowly due to the bad weather conditions and gained momentum as people started to come in numbers, members drove from as far as Yorkshire , Leicester Manchester and Birmingham to be part of these commemorations. There were different topics which got discussed and the most ironic of them all was the security of Zimbabweans inside and outside and the freedom that we all are yawning for.

Chawapiwa Muverengwi a natural speaker was the first to take centre stage she narrated the difficulties that Zimbabwean women face be it in Zimbabwe or abroad, a Zimbabwean constitution should therefore be a Zimbabwean project, not a Zimbabwean constitution drafted for Zimbabweans by politicians. Chawapiwa who is from Yorkshire heads an organization called the African Women Support Project Foundation, she spoke about racism and the need to protect the vulnerable members of our society from exploitation by some suspecting solicistors who take advantage of the lack of knowledge that most Zimbabweans have.

Babra Nyagomo a politician spoke at length on the lack of real enthusiasm by diasporians to free their country from the regime that has been in charge for the last 31 years.
There are splits in our political parties and looks certain to be more splits when we are close to the elections, she lamented a complete lack of direction from most political party structures in the Diaspora, there have been infiltrators and they to an extent have succeeded in causing chaotic situations in these political structures.

The Mugabe regime is still far from being over, they still have the capacity to unleash terror and Zimbabweans once again ask the real purpose of the GNU as it has been proved that they are incapable of handling the Mugabe regime. The army has once again been deployed into the rural areas and word is it that they have already started campaigning for Zanu pf. Hope is not lost but the general feeling is Zimbabweans have been taken advantage far too long, women have been raped, lives have been lost, there has been a massive movement of Zimbabweans and the villagers have constantly lived in fear, Mugabe has been known not to respect the rule of law.

Our question is, is he going to accept defeat when he loses an election, common word that has gone in rounds suggest the old man is no longer in charge, who is going to disarm the commanders of the security apparatus in the eventuality that the opposition has won an election, they have said it many times we will never salute anyone who has no war credentials, are correct mechanisms going to be in place before these crucial elections lamented Babra Nyagomo.

The next topic was that of good governance, with good governance comes accountability a number of speakers contributed significantly, Genius Mhazo reminded members that you can change a law overnight but will only change generations over a long period of time.

Peter Nyoni from Derby was concerned the Mugabe’s regime might get away with the atrocities committed during the Gukurahundi era ,however Julius Mutyambizi explained fully that reconciliation was a process that needed to be done transparently, he reminded all members gathered about the UDI days, then the Mugabe era ,then the emergence of the Mdc and the crimes committed against humanity, all these case were committed by individuals and it is those individuals who should then be brought before the courts of law.
Julius Mutyambizi and far right Mthulisi Nyathi moderator of the day was kept busy throughout the day.

Tapfumaneyi Saunyama and Lorraine Muchemwa were concerned that Zimbabweans abroad will miss yet another golden opportunity to cast their votes, we have been sidelined for a very long time and we hope the Zimbabwean government will accommodate our votes lamented Tapfumaneyi Saunyama ,we as Zimbabweans should be allowed to vote.

George Zungunde and Simbarashe Dziruni felt political leaders in the Diaspora need to be clear, a lot is being swept under the carpet, why is it that the Sipea Nkomo report is not being published, why is it that the very same people who were accused of swindling members money are once again back at the helm of the MDC UK and Ireland.
Bill Walton from the Red Cross urged members to take advantage of the Red Cross facilities in Nottingham, the Refugee Forum was represented so as the Anti- Deportation team.


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‘Mugabe or die’ New spark in constitution-making process

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