Suffering at the hands of Zanu PF

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By Francis Mufambi
HARARE – After cross examining the role played by Zanu PF all the way from independence in 1980, I wonder why Zanu PF should remain in power.

At independence, Zimbabweans thought they would be baptised with political holy waters of economic, political, educational and even social prosperity, not knowing that it was nothing more than the hot waters of poverty, unemployment, political hegemony and legal lunacy.

As a pauper student it strikes like thunder why Zanu PF abolished the much needed grants and loans denying us the minimum living basics.

Through the Minister of Higher Education, Stan Mudenge, students have been reduced to scavengers, living from hand to mouth and squatting in small little garages with at least 20 people packed in a single room.

I do not think this is why our parents liberated this country. All the blame should be put squarely on Zanu PF because they have been in power since 1980 and have presided over the destruction of the economy.

Using students and the education system should be placed at the bottom of political dustbins so that it decomposes and evaporates from our society.

I do salute Minister Tendai Biti for trying to rejuvenate the heydays of university learning with better living standards, accommodation and freedom at large. He has tried his best but is obviously being frustrated by his Zanu PF colleagues.

Again, it is obvious to every Zimbabwean that Zanu PF should vacate from the Zimbabwean political scene because they have failed the people, especially students.

I usually ask myself if the Zanu PF politicians have a heart for other people. They are heartless because they continue using our senior citizens who now need to rest and need medical attention without being confronted by national events.

There is a bankruptcy of leadership in Zanu PF and we ask why they want to continue tormenting the young generation.

Secondly, Zanu PF don’t have a heart for Zimbabwean masses. Can’t they see that a young, energetic and democratic leader not ruler is what people want.

In a more light-hearted vein, Zanu PF brought Zimbabwe’s economy to its knees by looting state coffers and in the process forgot students at different colleges in the country.

I cherish the writings of Sir Vivian Fuchs who notes that “state property is like your sister’s breasts for they shall not be fondled”.

Zimbabweans are tired of being threatened by the military. I suspect that even the uniformed forces are tired of being villagised. In the end, I ask the Zanu PF comrades: “was this their goal for the liberation war. Who was freed then?”

Finally, a complete fiasco presented by the social factors in relation to Zanu PF shows undoubtedly that the former ruling party has overstayed its welcome.The land reform programme is one such example of how lawlessness affects good governance.

If someone was to comment on the programme, the best way would be to say: Zanu PF tried to heal injuries with more injurious ways.

In my opinion, Zanu PF should formally let Zimbabweans implement plan B. “If one doesn’t know how to rule; he should know how to cease to rule.” Comrades, its time to pack and tie the political shoe laces for your time is up.

Francis Mufambi is a Political Science student at the University of Zimbabwe. — Email;


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