Mugabe’s spying on Britain

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by Guy Taylor
IT HAS been many years now since Robert Mugabe and his cronies entered the halls of leadership in Zimbabwe.

With Zanu PF’s ascendancy to power was born the Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO), whose techniques are a cross between Hitler’s Gestapo and Russia’s former KGB.

It is a known fact throughout Zimbabwe, in both the security sector and the public sector, that the CIO agents are well-trained and well-resourced. They spread terror and are no service to the people or the security of Zimbabwe, they are solely there to keep those in power in power, to whatever end.

They are not the only ones who do this. The Zimbabwe National Army, the Zimbabwe Republic Police and the Zimbabwe Prison Service have dedicated their services to the political and legal preservation of Robert Mugabe and his Zanu PF party.

Mugabe, for many years now, has been a sworn enemy of Britain, despite the fact that the former colonial power put him where he is today. While Mugabe has been accusing Britain of recruiting Zimbabweans into the British armed forces to recolonise Zimbabwe, he has been conversely deploying his agents into Britain, deceitfully, yet, cleverly.

Often, these agents pose as asylum seekers, completely fooling the UK Border Agency and judges of the immigration tribunals. They are then granted asylum, giving them full access to jobs, health care and other benefits, yet 85% of the time these people will be paid by the Zimbabwean authorities for their duties to “King and Country”.

A curious case of one such “former” CIO agent came before the First Tier Tribunal of the Immigration and Asylum Chamber earlier this month. Phillip Machemedze was granted asylum despite a judge finding that he was “deeply involved in savage acts of extreme violence”.

He is just one case that we know about, how many more have sneaked in under the radar of the MI5 after passing themselves off as MDC supporters and Mugabe’s opponents?

Typically, diplomatic missions are allowed four intelligence attaches, which means basically the Zimbabwe High Commission in London must maintain that number of agents, and the same applies to other embassies.

But it’s everyone’s guess how many more CIO agents are operating within Zimbabwean communities around the UK, in breach of Britain’s territorial integrity and international law.

These operatives are well trained and well equipped. They don’t stand out – they have ticked all the boxes of “integrating” into British society.

It will not surprise me if there has been an infiltration by CIO agents into the British armed forces and the police.
This is a very serious problem for genuine Zimbabwean asylum seekers who will no doubt feel they are not adequately protected from Mugabe’s goons.

We can only wonder what is going on in the halls of British security. Are they really on the ball?
Guy Taylor is a former Zimbabwean police officer now living in Britain


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