Once killed and tortured for Mugabe but granted Asylum in UK

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A United Kingdom Newspaper ‘The Sun’ has just revealed that one of Robert Mugabe’s MURDERING henchman has been granted asylum in the UK. Phillip Machemedze is said to have once smashed a man’s jaw with pliers and wrenched out his teeth.

He stripped one man naked and told him he would be forced to have sex with his daughters if he did not talk.

Machemedze, 46, also gave a white farmer electric shocks then beat him almost unconscious – and whipped a woman before pouring salt on her wounds.

A British tribunal heard the ex-bodyguard helped “slowly kill” members of Zimbabwe’s opposition MDC party whose limbs were then hacked off.

But despite his crimes Machemedze and his wife, both HIV positive, have been given asylum by a judge who ruled sending him back to Zimbabwe breached his human rights, a move that has upset a lot of British citizens.

A quote from the newspaper’s website read: “The Human Rights Act and membership of the EU are the worst things ever to happen to Britain. Our entire existence is now ruled by bureaucrats in Brussels, who dictate every move we make. The food we eat, even the seeds we are allowed to plant in our gardens.

EVERYTHING we hold dear as a nation is slowly being taken away from us, but the worst of all is this base Human Rights Act which forces us to allow criminals and murderers like Machemedze to stay here knowing they have been responsible for the most heinous crimes! In the days of Winston Churchill, he would not have DARED to set foot in Britain! If he had, he would have been tried and hanged for crimes against humanity!”

Mr Justice David Archer admitted Machemedze was “deeply involved in savage acts of extreme violence.” But he added: “Whatever crimes he has committed, he cannot be returned to face the highly likely prospect of torture and execution without trial.”

Labour MP Kate Hoey, head of the Commons All Party Group on Zimbabwe, said: “This is a shocking decision. Asylum is for people who are at risk from despots, not for people like him.”

The appeal hearing in Newport, South Wales, was told some of Machemedze’s tortures were “too gruesome to recount.”

Machemedze admitted he initially enjoyed his job with Mugabe’s Central Intelligence Organisation. But he fled to the UK because he feared his brutal master would turn against him.

He quit the CIO and arrived here in July 2000. Wife Febbie, 40, followed a year later.

They left three children behind. They have not been harmed.

Machemedze and Febbie, who live in Fishponds, Bristol, arrived on six-month visas.

Their initial asylum claim was rejected amid garbled accounts of how and why they came here.

Machemedze claimed he had been a double agent for the MDC.

Zimbabwe human rights lawyer Irene Petras said: “This sends the message you can violate human rights and negotiate protection.”

Source: http://www.thesun.co.uk


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