Deport ex-spy, UK is no place for murderers: Embassy

May 27, 2011 at 2:32 pm Leave a comment

The British embassy in Harare has said it will lobby for the deportation of ex-spy Phillip Machemedze, who has admitted torturing and killing President Mugabe’s opponents.

The embassy told a local daily that the British government would continue lobbying for the reversal of the court’s decision to grant Machemedze asylum.

The envoy said the UK had no place for murderous people who must be accountable for their actions back home.

It said the embassy was extremely riled by the judgment in which Machemedze was granted asylum.

“It is the government’s policy that the UK should not be a refuge for war criminals or those who have committed crimes against humanity or genocide,” the embassy was quoted as saying.

Machemedze was not fit for the asylum, said the UK immigration office because he tortured and forced a man to have sex with his daughters, among other gross human rights violations.

An HIV positive Machemedze was initially denied asylum because the Home Office said he committed crimes against humanity.

The embassy’ s bid to have Machemedze deported come amid swelling pressure from angry Britons who say the ex-operative did not qualify for asylum after he confessed that he once plucked-out a man’s teeth with a pliers.

Hordes of British photojournalists are camped outside the house belonging to Machemedze in Britain’s city of Bristol.

Prosecutors at the International Criminal Court (ICC) are also keen to interview the ex-CIO to see if they can build a case against


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