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President Mugabe says he is not into politics to make money but to fight for just causes. “Harisi basa remari iri ratakaendera kumatunhu, mumasango. We were not doing it for money but for a just cause, kuti vana vedu should be owners of their land, their resources. Ipapo ndipo patakamira kuti twi, ndipo patinofira, ” he said at Kutama College where he was opening a new multi-million dollar hostel.

He again attacked Catholic Bishops whom he said were ill advised.

“It is criticism-after-criticism and I ask why, why, why. Ukatarisa mapastoral letters avo, most of them are ill-informed. Vanotaura nezve Global (Political) Agreement kuti ngaiitwe fulfilled, vanozivei nezvayo,” he said.

He said some of the issues said to be outstanding were the appointments of Attorney General Mr Johannes Tomana and Reserve Bank Governor, Dr Gideon Gono.

“Vanoda kuti vana Tomana vabviswe, vana Gono vabviswe, we cannot fulfil that. The MDC who are they? They were put together by the British, the Conservatives, Labour, Liberal Democrats, the three parties under the Westminster Foundation. They came together to establish an opposition party in Zimbabwe,” he said.

President Mugabe said he has been criticised for taking over land from white commercial farmers for re-distribution to blacks.

He said the British had reneged on their pledge to provide compensation for the land and said illegal sanctions that had brought untold suffering to ordinary people had been imposed because of the land reform programme.

He said the Bishops did not appreciate the land reform programme and the history around it.

“Mabishop, they do not see, vamwe vechichena it’s better kuti kunyaya dzakadai dai vachinyarara zvavo, I believe I have done my best even for my Church, I believe I have done my best for my country, I have made my own sacrifices for my country.

He said a lot of ordinary people had suffered during the struggle with some being detained while others were thrown into mine shafts and kept in protected villages.


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