Zanu PF militia threatens villagers

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By Nkululeko Sibanda

MUTOKO – Kapondoro villagers in Mutoko East constituency are living in fear
after Chipangano, the Mbare-based notorious Zanu PF mob, threatened to
export its violent activities to the area.

The group, which is known for unleashing violence in Harare and assaulting
people perceived to be MDC supporters, said it would visit the village to
flush out MDC members in the Mutoko area.

Villagers in the area told the Daily News yesterday that members of the
group visited the area last Sunday threatening to deal with MDC activists.

“The group was invited last Sunday by Lingidzai Kapo-ndoro, who is the Zanu
PF chairperson for Ward 18 in Mutoko East. “They held a meeting where they
were briefed about the situation in the area,” said one villager.

“After that, they told everyone who attended that meeting that they would
return very soon for a clean-up exercise where they would deal decisively
with MDC activists.”

Investigations by the Daily News have revealed that Zanu PF leadership in
the ward had already compiled a list of suspected MDC activists.

“Kapondoro, who is a village head, is using his post and access to registers
in the area to compile a list of people who live here. After that list has
been compiled, he then ticks off all those he believes are MDC activists.
These are the ones that will be subjected to the clean-up exercise they want
to conduct here,” another villager said.

The Chipangano group which visited the area were led by Ronald Hondo

Mhukayesango and his group are said to have openly expressed their
displeasure with the increasing number of MDC supporters in the area.

“They told the Sunday meeting that they were disappointed their Zanu PF
colleagues had not flushed out those from the MDC, adding that when they
(Chipangano) would return, they would ensure that the village was cleaned of
MDC activists. No one feels safe here now because you never know when they
will come back,” said another villager.

It is alleged that Kapondoro has also barred Non-Governmental Organisations
operating in the area from distributing food to suspected MDC members.

They told everyone who attended that meeting that they would return very


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