Suffering Zimbabweans fed up with the GNU

September 4, 2011 at 8:49 am Leave a comment

By Tererai Karimakwenda

Zimbabweans, tired of struggling every day just to get by and fed up with
the continued lack of basic services, are beginning to blame all officials
in the unity government (GNU) and not just ZANU PF.

Using social media forums and mobile communication many people are demanding

accountability from MDC leaders, who they accuse of forgetting their
supporters, enjoying lavish lifestyles and failing to fight for their issues
in parliament. Numerous foreign trips that come with extravagant allowances
have also tainted the image of lawmakers.

It has been three years since the Global Political Agreement (GPA) was
signed by the political parties in the unity government, with a promise to
bring peace and improved standards of living for ordinary Zimbabweans.

But years later, councils collect exorbitant rates from residents who still
have no running water, power cuts are worse, sewage flows through many of
the streets in the high density areas and there is no rubbish collection.

A Harare resident who wrote to MDC officials this week said: “For close to a
decade we have paid for waste removal we did not get; we have paid for water
we did not receive; we have paid for electricity that remained off; we have
paid rates to drive over potholes and through derelict cities and towns; we
have paid ZBC licencing for a service that uses and abuses us.”

“Enough is enough” has become the common battle cry of many ordinary
Zimbabweans, who now want answers and some real action taken to improve
conditions. Some of the most disgruntled Zimbabweans have said MDC officials
have become “just like ZANU PF.”

“How much more does this GNU expect the people to take? We do not even get
an apology or a decent explanation from these service providers or
government,” one frustrated Harare resident asked.

Tabani Moyo from the Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition agreed that the
frustration is rightly channeled towards politicians from all parties,
including the MDC formations.

He said the recent 31% tariff hikes announced by the power utility ZESA and
legislators’ approval of $20 million for brand new, top of the range
vehicles for themselves, have further angered residents who now want

“When they agree to upgrade the ministers’ lifestyles almost to that of the
premier league in the UK or Hollywood, it increases the frustrations of
Zimbabweans,” Moyo explained, adding that the priorities are misplaced.

Regarding the behaviour of some MDC officials in comparison to ZANU PF, Moyo
said: “The lines are getting blurred. They are supposed to serve the needs
of the country but somehow we live in the dark ages and no one knows what
government is doing,” he added.

However, differences of opinion and approach reportedly exist between MDC
officials. It is understood that some were against this latest expenditure
on vehicles and are concerned at the behaviour of their colleagues.


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