Zimbabwe collapsing: Tsvangirai

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Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai says politicking by Zanu PF was indicative
of a country teetering on the brink of a major political crisis. He said
Zimbabwe would slide into a scenario reminiscent of Ivory Coast if service
chiefs failed to recognise any election winner other than President Robert

But Zanu PF spokesperson Rugare Gumbo yesterday dismissed Tsvangirai’s

“He doesn’t know what he is talking about. He is just talking to please his
sponsors in the US. Elections will only come after proper mechanisms are put
in place and we have been saying that as a party.”

Tsvangirai was speaking after meeting with civil rights leader Jesse Jackson
in Chicago, United States, on Saturday.

“. . . due to unilateral and misguided election talk by President Mugabe
without the necessary mechanisms for a free and fair poll as dictated by
Sadc and the AU (African Union), the country is teetering on the brink of
what could possibly become another serious political crisis,” he said.

“The expression by the people across the North of Africa represents and
manifests a failure of leadership and the perennial desire by the people of
Africa to send a clear message to their leaders that they deserve the same
rights as everyone.”

He added: “When you have the head of police and a few leaders in the
military publicly claiming that they will not respect the result of any
election in which President Mugabe is not the winner, it means we could yet
become another Ivory Coast.

“The people of Zimbabwe are once again on the frontline in the war for
freedom and rights and the fledgling democracy that was to grow following
the signing of the new transitional government in 2009 is under threat. The
struggle unfolding in Zimbabwe is one that pits good over evil, right
against wrong and freedom against tyranny.”

Tsvangirai said Zimbabwe’s main challenge was the refusal by State
institutions to recognise the inclusive government and the failure to
institute credible electoral, media and political reforms that will ensure a
credible election.

“We even have a situation where (Zanu PF) thugs storm into Parliament and
brutally attack elected MPs while the police watch. When you have a
situation where the same secretariat of the electoral commission that failed
to announce results for five weeks in 2008 is foisted on the supposedly new
ZEC, it means we are likely to have yet another disputed poll,” he said.

The AU and Sadc are the guarantors of the inclusive government, Tsvangirai
said and “we are encouraged by their desire to nurse this process so that we
prevent another Kenya and another Ivory Coast.

“Our region will continue to be rocked by conflict and people will continue
to flood the streets demanding freedoms if the world does not stand by us as
we try to carve out a new architecture in which the rights and the will of
the people are protected, respected and guaranteed.”

The MDC-T leader said another stolen election in Zimbabwe in which losers
decide to pickpocket the people’s victory would threaten the country’s
neighbours and put at risk their own political dispensation and progressive

“Preventive measures must always be taken before a situation implodes and
the world must assist Zimbabwe to ensure that we transit peacefully to a
democracy and a legitimate government.”

President Mugabe and Zanu PF have insisted the country will go for elections
before March next year. On the other hand, military chiefs, including
Brigadier-General Douglas Nyikayaramba, recently said they would not respect
any leader without liberation war credentials.
The President has also defended the military and Zanu PF hardliners’ stance
on elections. – NewsDay


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