Disgraceful Zimbabwean asked for £25 000 to expose illegals in UK

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By Admore Tshuma

A NOTORIOUS and disgraceful Zimbabwean approached British authorities and
asked for £25 000 as proposed payment for identifying and exposing failed
asylum seekers including those without a legal status in the United Kingdom,
The ZimDiaspora can sensationally reveal.

This was revealed by British Labour party officials to an MDC-T MP Thabitha
Khumalo last week. According to MP Khumalo, British authorities were shocked
to receive a £25 000 project proposal from a Zimbabwean offering to hunt
down failed asylum seekers for deportation.

The name of this evil Zimbabwean based in the UK has not been revealed yet,
but we, as The ZimDiaspora.com promise to find out who he exactly he is, as
already there are reports that up to 70 Zimbabweans were being clandestinely
deported every month from Britain.

Therefore, we have mandated ourselves to snif this monster out and, name and
shame the shameless culprit.

Conspicuously missing from the high profile meeting was the MDC-UK chairman
Tonderai Samanyanga, his Secretary Owen Muganda and Organising Secretary
Jeff Sango, a development that raised many questions within the meeting.

Khumalo who is the Bulawayo east MP, made public the £25 000 controversial
project proposal in Britain’s Oxford city when she addressed more than 100
members of the Movement for Democratic Change led by Prime Minister Morgan

Khumalo was told this when she participated in just-ended Labour party
annual conference in Liverpool. She said she was disappointed by that
Zimbabweans were enemies of their own as far as deportation in the UK were

“I now have credible information from the horse’s mouth that you are selling
out yourselves,” she said.

“Labour officials told me that a certain Zimbabwean living in Britain has
written a £25 000 project proposal to help British immigration identify
Zimbabweans without a stay here including failed asylum,” said Khumalo.

She said her Labour party colleagues were unequivocally disappointed by this
“satanic” project proposal – now gathering dusty in the authorities’

“I am shocked and I must tell you even authorities in this country are
disappointed in you. Almost in every deportation there is a Zimbabwean who
is involved in selling out a fellow Zimbabwean. My problem is, having
assisted in deportation of your fellow Zimbabwean, what does your conscience
tell you?”

“We are also having the same problem with Zimbabweans in South Africa. It is
official that there are 3 million Zimbabweans in South Africa many of whom
were victims of Gukurahundi who left the country in the 1980s running away
from persecution,” she said.

“We also get loads of stories of Zimbabweans in South Africa selling out
each others from authorities there, while I insist that Zimbabweans need to
regularise their stays in any foreign country where they are, it is
unacceptable for another Zimbabwean to sell out another Zimbabwean that way.
It is a shame, because the situation in Zimbabwe is no good,”

“As I speak now ZANU-PF has set up 67 militia camps around the country.
These are young innocent men and women being taught violence and torture
against anyone opposed to Robert Mugabe. So why will you diasporas conspire
to deport each other at such an incredible level?” she asked.

MP Khumalo appealed to Zimbabweans in the UK to unite and refrain from
illicit activities.

She said British officials were themselves unimpressed by those Zimbabweans
who were reporting other Zimbabweans.

“When a report has been made, they are compelled by the law to take action
and what do you benefit from that? Even if it happens that you disagree with
someone, punishing someone through deportation to Zimbabwe is like murdering
that individual, “she said.



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