PM should not have succumbed to media pressure

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Zimmetro — PM should not have succumbed to media pressure concerning his marriage. This is not unique as it is incumbent in any political arena for this to take place. The PM is of great interest to the media fraternity as his life is in the public domain. More so his life and his daily activities is/are o of great public interest by virtue of his capacity as a public figure. If you render a public service, then it follows that you should accept anything published about you.

Moreover, the media has the privilege and immunity from any legal proceedings being instigated against them in such cases[unless otherwise]. This is a great test for the PM’s character. The publications were meant to test his endurance to any form of pressure. One has to know that the media is the most dangerous tool that can uplift the life of an individual and on one hand it can destroy it. It is only possible for one to pursue a legal course of action if they are ordinary people like us. In this sense the PM’s advisers should have taken stock of this. The media can indirectly or directly force someone to take a wrong course of action if they are in an administrative position like the one that he wields. The media can deliberately lead you astray if you do not have a strong character.

So, it is very important that if you are in an administrative position ,you do not waive in any of your decisions in order to appease the media. One ought to have an unshakable faith in themselves. This means that you have to stick to your ideas. Yes! you can consume some of the positive things which they write ,but not at the detriment of your position or the service that you render to the public. To be more specific, one does not have to compromise their position by pleasing the media. This is because the media is very critical of people who hold the position that the PM holds. In any case it is impossible to satisfy the demands of the media. The only thing to do is to ignore the media and stick to your plans.

One should also note that even when a politician is not doing anything wrong the media can still besmirch them .What then should a politician do? The only solution is to digest whatever they write and not act on it if it concerns your personal life. In the past month i read an article concerning homosexuality in Zimbabwe. BBC approached the PM and they sought to confuse him by making him to change his mind on the issue pertaining homosexuality in Zimbabwe. What i read is that he succumbed to their demands .Whereas in the previous interviews he had refused for it to be recognized in Zimbabwe .He had actually spoken in one word with Matibili on that issue. So, this further goes on to demonstrate how the media pressure can test one’s character if they are in an administrative position. One has to note that some media are very deceptive .For example BBC .They can ask you to accept homosexuality in Zimbabwe and then in the end they end up claiming that you yourself is gay. They may even publish such malicious falsehood information to other European countries in order to debase you. They may end up telling everyone that Zimbabweans are deep into homosexuality.This type of media is dangerous needs not be entertained. At the moment in England they are regretting for giving their media unlimited freedom of speech as a lot of crimes have been committed by media personnel under the guise of freedom of press. In England the media runs the country instead of the government.

Now going back to the issue of marriage ,i still believe that the PM should keep his wife. He should not compromise his family life by pleasing the media. In any event ,there is nothing wrong with anyone getting married or remarrying .We have good examples of politicians who have done this .For example Nicholas S [France President] ,Mandela [former RSA President ] ,President Robert Mugabe, the late former Zambia President Chiluba and Bakili Muluzi [Malawi ] .The list is not exhaustive. This illustrates that the family is the basic unit of society and that it is convention right of everyone to get married. More so it is enshrined in our culture for one to remarry after having lost their loved ones. And therefore, the PM should keep his wife.


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