Don’t personalise the Liberation struggle

December 29, 2011 at 9:48 am Leave a comment

When my friends and I watched the Heroes Day “celebrations” we sighed with
resignation when ZanuPf did their normal abduction of our national holidays,
arriving in full party regalia and shouting their party slogans.  Since we
watched this Zanu stolen celebration we have gotten more and more angry
about the party of thieves, ZanuPf.

We are sick to death of ZanuPf behaving as if they own everything in this
country and they forget one very important thing – they no longer control
all information in Zimbabwe, for we, the younger generation, know exactly
how to get on to the internet, how to use Facebook and how to get and send
real news, not just Zanu news.

The Liberation struggle of Zimbabwe was fought by Zimbabweans from all walks
of life, not just one political party.  But Zanu continuously and foolishly
personalise the Liberation Struggle as if their party members are the only
ones who fought for democracy and freedom, neither of which any of us common
people actually has today.

When the army generals announced they would not salute anyone without war
credentials, it clearly showed they have forgetten that during the war the
people were the water and those carrying the guns were the fish, the fish
cannot survive where there’s no water.  One day, soon, ZanuPf are going to
be the fish out of water, gasping for breath and struggling to survive, just
like the ruling elite in Libya have had to face.

No party can claim ownership of everything that has a Zimbabwean flag on it;
whether it is National Days, banks, schools, hospitals, land, businesses,
diamonds or anything else that actually belongs to the people, not the

But let me tell these thugs, you can fool some of the people some of the
time, but not all of them all of the time.  The new generation, with the
help of the world wide web, will not be fooled any longer.

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