Terror Bishop declares support for Robert Mugabe

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ZIMBABWEAN ex-communicated Anglican Archbishop Nobert Kunonga has openly
declared his support for the ageing tyrant Robert Mugabe and his party
Zanu-PF in the next elections.

Kunonga urged Zimbabweans to reject MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai and his
party, saying they are an embodiment of evil.

He was addressing about 200 loyalists at an annual retreat at St Augustine’s
Mission last week.

Kunonga hailed Zanu-PF’s determination to come up with solutions to
challenges besieging the country through formulation of appropriate

MDC-T’s policies, he said, remained parochial and completely divorced from
national aspirations.

“We are not choosing man, but principles and values they embody. Who is
fighting against homosexuality, who is giving people land, we should stand
guided by life and death,” he said.

“Those politicians and churchmen who are calling for the imposition of
sanctions, propagating for the inclusion of gay rights in the new
constitution, and are refusing to see life, are an embodiment of evil.
During elections we will reject them. We will reject death.”

Kunonga said his church fully supported the land reform programme, economic
empowerment and indigenisation policies of Zanu-PF as well as its
anti-homosexuality and anti-sanctions stances.

He branded as “evil” attempts by some politicians and churchmen to champion
homosexual rights in the new constitution.

“We will choose life over death. When you give land and other critical
resources to the indigenous people, oppose homosexuality and sanctions, then
you are doing what God has willed for Zimbabweans, you are giving life to
your people, and we will choose you.

“If what President Mugabe and Zanu-PF are doing resonates with the Bible and
empowerment will of God for his people, then what can prevent us from
supporting them? They are offering life, but if you are offering death to
our people by calling for the imposition of sanctions then that is evil, and
we will never support, but reject you.

“Does (Prime Minister) Tsvangirai call for sanctions? If that is what he is
doing, then that is evil of him, and he must be rejected,” said Kunonga.

He expressed shock that some local political leaders and churchmen in the
MDC-T were clamouring for the adoption of gay rights despite the practice
being despicable to our culture and values.

Such pro-gay calls have palpably been precipitated by Western leaders like
British Prime Minister David Cameron who threatened to withdraw aid from
African countries that do not support homosexuality.

“We are on record, and we want to reiterate our stance that we reject the
doctrine of homosexuality, as it is heretical, unscriptural, an abomination,
it dehumanises and removes human dignity and integrity,” said Kunonga.

He castigated the imposition of sanctions on Zimbabwe and at the same time
expressed optimism that God will continue protecting his innocent

“Zimbabweans have capacity to survive with or without sanctions because God
wills for us, and he has sustained us under such threatening conditions
imposed on us by the British, the Americans and their allies,” he said.

Zimbabwe’s indigenisation policy under which it says 51 percent of all
investments into the country must be in the hands of locals, Kunonga said,
was nothing to worry about because there was no investment in any country
that was secure if it does not involve locals.

“Empowerment is biblical, it is a divine inspiration. It is a sure way of
burying imperialism and it resurrects the life of the indigene. It means
taking the economic grip into our hands,” said Kunonga.


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