Kunonga attacks on PM diabolic

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By Maxwell Sibanda

HARARE – The recent outburst by the head of independent Anglican Province of Zimbabwe Archbishop Nobert Kunonga in which he called on Zimbabweans to reject MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai and his party whom he said were an “embodiment of evil” made sad reading.

As if that was not enough, Kunonga had the courage to openly order Anglicans under his wings to support President Robert Mugabe and Zanu PF in the next elections.

For months now Kunonga has borrowed a leaf from Zanu PF’s book of tricks on the use of violence to deal with ordinary Zimbabweans.

The Archbishop’s violent antics have left the Anglican Church in tatters as confusion reigns within one of the world’s oldest church institutions.

The police, sadly, have failed to convince neutrals that they are not taking sides with Kunonga.

Police recently stopped a retreat of 80 Anglican clergy from the mainstream church over claims that their prayer gathering was not given police clearance under the sweeping security laws.

The mainstream Diocese of Harare said in a statement that police ordered them to disperse from the Peterhouse Girls College but they refused, denying any wrongdoing and insisting police remove them by force.

But we have to forgive Kunonga because in Mutare he publicly confessed his close association with a well-known violent party, Zanu PF.

Kunonga’s attacks on Tsvangirai and his party ahead of possible elections this year or 2013 are “unholy” and such insults are unbecoming when considering they were coming out of the mouth of a full Archbishop.

The Archbishop is of the false belief that MDC’s policies remained parochial and completely divorced from national aspirations.

He said during the outburst: “We are not choosing man, but principles and values they embody.

Who is fighting against homosexuality, who is giving people land, we should stand guided by life and death.

“Those politicians and churchmen who are calling for the imposition of sanctions, propagating for the inclusion of gay rights in the new constitution, and are refusing to see life, are an embodiment of evil. During elections we will reject them. We will reject death.”

But which national aspirations does Kunonga want Zimbabweans to embrace? Zanu PF’s aspirations on the land reform programme, economic empowerment, indigenisation policies, anti-homosexuality or anti-sanctions jibes?

“We will choose life over death. When you give land and other critical resources to the indigenous people, oppose homosexuality and sanctions, then you are doing what God has willed for Zimbabweans, you are giving life to your people, and we will choose you,” said the Archbishop.

Kunonga should stop insulting the generality of Zimbabweans because Zanu PF has not given us any life as he purports.

While the Archbishop has supported Zanu PF since time, what we find improper is his call for the Anglican Church to support Mugabe and his revolutionary party.

And Kunonga should not try and use the Bible to push for Zanu PF’s 51 percent indigenisation law. “Empowerment is biblical, it is a divine inspiration. It is a sure way of burying imperialism and it resurrects the life of the indigene. It means taking the economic grip into our hands.”

To call this indigenisation law a “biblical act” is insulting to the Christian family and everyone else’s intelligence.

Kunonga should actually have listened to the wise words from the spiritual head of the world’s 77 million Anglicans who urged the church to instead speak out against human rights abuses in Zimbabwe.

Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams was actually concerned about human rights in Zimbabwe and the southern African country’s fast deteriorating economy.

While on a visit to Zimbabwe last year, Williams handed Mugabe a dossier detailing abuses suffered by members of the Anglican Church in Zimbabwe over the last four years.

And it is everyone’s guess what happened to that dossier: locked in a locker like many other incriminating documents


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