Mugabe wilts under pressure

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By Lloyd Mbiba

HARARE – President Robert Mugabe appears to have capitulated under pressure
from his coalition government partners and backed down to their demands on
several sticky issues facing the three-year-old inclusive government.

Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai and his deputy Arthur Mutambara appear to
have prevailed over Mugabe after they emerged from the two-and-half-hour
meeting last Wednesday having pushed the 87-year-old leader towards reforms.

Mugabe’s buckling under pressure has given hope that he might finally allow
a free and fair poll.

While hardliners in Zanu PF are not interested in moving an inch in terms of
reforms, Mugabe seemed to defy them by giving in on a number of key issues
amid indications that he wants to be seen by regional leaders as moving
towards reforms.

There was drama days before the meeting, it has been established.

The Daily News on Sunday has been told that some Zanu PF hardliners had
leaked to the press a document from the Prime Minister’s office to the
President, claiming it had been drafted by “white handlers” in a desperate
bid to infuriate Mugabe ahead of the meeting.

According to the sources, the tactic was to harden Mugabe’s stance ahead of
the meeting with Tsvangirai and Mutambara so that he would not give in to

However, Mugabe is said to be seething with anger as the letter was
reportedly leaked to the state media before he had even seen it.

“Mugabe knew about the letter from the Prime Minister through the media. He
was surprised and angry with this. The old man is slowly discovering that he
is being manipulated by hardliners who lie to him and he takes action on
flawed information,” said a highly-placed government source yesterday.

Mugabe acceded to some outstanding issues that need immediate attention.

Although this might have been influenced by the reported impending visit to
Zimbabwe by the Sadc appointed facilitator, President Jacob Zuma, for
Tsvangirai and Mutambara, it was a rare good day in office although they
still have to follow on the agreements.

The build-up to the meeting was characterised by high emotions with
Tsvangirai taking the fight to Mugabe over the expiry of the term of office
of police commissioner general Augustine Chihuri.

Prior to the meeting, the National Security Council (NEC) failed to meet
because Tsvangirai was experiencing problems with his twisted ankle.

Amongst the cocktail of issues agreed upon by the principals at the
Wednesday meeting, Mugabe admitted that there was multi-party violence and
affirmed commitment to intensify the anti-violence campaigns at inter-party

The principals also agreed that within one month, party provincial
chairpersons and secretary generals should conduct anti-violence campaigns.

All this came despite claims by Zanu PF that violence in the country was
caused by the MDC.

The principals also agreed that ministers and senior government officials
who would have been arrested should be treated in a civilised and honourable

Several MDC ministers have in the past been arrested and treated inhumanely.
Critics however, pointed out that humane treatment should be for all
citizens of the country.

“While not condoning any persons who commit offences, the principals decried
the dehumanising treatment given to ministers and senior government
officials arrested for any alleged offences,” minutes of the meeting read.

The mainstream MDC has consistently complained against the police and the
Attorney General’s office accusing them of laying frivolous charges against
its members as a way of breaking their political will.

Recent media reports indicate that there is a plot to arrest Tsvangirai and
Tendai Biti, the minister of Finance on fraud allegations.

However, the Prime Minister has so far professed ignorance on the matter
saying all his financial dealings are above board.

MDC ministers and top officials have been arrested and treated unfairly.

Last year the minister in the Prime Minister’s office Jameson Timba was
arrested for allegedly undermining the authority of the President. He was
detained for two days without access to lawyers and food.

On the appointment and promotion of service chiefs and other security
personnel, the principals agreed that Mugabe will only do so in consultation
with his coalition government partners as required by the Global Political
Agreement (GPA).

“The principals’ agreed that the re-appointment of service chiefs whenever
their contracts of employment expired, will be handled in the usual manner
i.e. the appropriate service commissions making the necessary
recommendations to His Excellency the President who will make appropriate
consultations with other principals,” read the minutes of the meeting.

However, Mugabe seems to have reneged on the agreement even before its ink
had dried with his spokesperson George Charamba telling the state media that
police commissioner general  Augustine Chihuri’s contract had been renewed
up to 2014.

The principals also agreed that major general Douglas Nyikayaramba’s
inflammatory utterances on Tsvangirai were wrong and agreed that the
minister of Defence Emmerson Mnangagwa should rein in such elements.

Nyikayaramba last year launched an unprovoked attack on Tsvangirai branding
him a security threat and said even if he was elected President, the army
would do anything possible to stop him from getting into office.

On the constitution-making process, the principals agreed to intervene and
work out a road map towards the finalisation of the process with clear-cut
benchmarks, time-frames and milestones.

Furthermore the principals agreed that a meeting should be held between the
management committee of Copac so as to quickly agree on all constitutional
processes leading to the adoption of a new constitution.

The agreement on the constitution comes just weeks after Zanu PF members and
war veterans threatened to undo the entire constitution making process.

The principals also tasked the Minister of Information and Publicity,
Webster Shamu to immediately conclude the appointment of new boards for the
Mass Media Trust and Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe (Baz).


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