Zanu Pf in self-enrichment mode.

March 28, 2012 at 8:35 am 1 comment

By Frazer Muzondo

The recent salary hikes for Zesa’s top brass is an apparent example of how Zanu Pf chronies are mismanaging our parastatals countrywide. Parastatals are state-owned companies which are expected to be run on commercial lines by competent government employees. They are state-enterprises whose efficiency is meant to be improved by being run on a commercial basis. But why are most of these so-called parastatals failing to improve efficiency, instead they are collapsing and letting the people of Zimbabwe down.

The main reason why these parastatals are collapsing is because instead of being commercialised, they are being Zanunised, that is they are being turned into Zanu PF companies. Those who are are appointed to lead these companies are not appointed on merit but on political affiliation, hence everything that they do is done the Zanu way. The directors are given the opportunity to line up their pockets by giving themselves hefty salaries, hefty perks at the expense of delivering good reliable service to their customers. The recent salary hikes for Zesa bosses and cuts for their ordinary workers is a classic case of how Zanu pf enriches its patrons at the expense of ordinary Zimbabwe workers and consequently Zimbabwe citizens at large. Other examples include GMB, Air Zimbabwe, Net One and ZINWA, the list is endless. Lets not forget that this is how Zisco Steel was run down. Firstly, what has happened to these companies? Secondly, has service delivery ever improved? The answer is No. They have all been driven to near collapse and it is their customers and citizens of Zimbabwe who suffer. All they have done is to create top jobs for their boys.

Their boys at GMB are a good example of how they enrich themselves. They employ all tricks by hook or crook to line their pockets. At GMB they buy maize at very low prices from rural farmers and make unbelievable profits by exporting to neighbouring countries like Malawi. The same maize is  re-imported back using their briefcase companies to Zimbabwe and sold to the GMB at exorbitant prices. The maize at GMB is also used as a useful campaign tool by Zanu Pf in times of drought.They do this in cahoots, they know what they are doing, siphoning the country’s resources. That is the Zanu Pf way. They have got means and ways of making money through the creation of parastatals.

What has happened with ZINWA? Do we get any cleaner water now or regular supply? The answer is No. All people get is untreated water, straight from Mukuvisi or lake Chivero because there are no chemicals to treat the water. The bills are just skyrocketing, to finance what, the perks and salaries for the executives and directors. Its a shame really, its just bills and interrupted supply but no clean water. Those who can afford to drill boreholes do so but its only the so called elite who are mostly Zanu Pf chronies.

What about Air Zimbabwe which is now failing to service its international routes?. The chief culprit for abusinng Air Zim is President Robert Mugabe who frequently diverts flights to service his personal journeys or medical holidays to Singapore, Malaysia and China. The national airline has now acquired a bad reputation for frequently cancelling and rescheduling flights without due notice to its customers. Consequently most loyal customers like business people and tourists are now shunning Air Zim in favour of other reliable airlines such as South African, Emirates and even Ethiopian Airlines.

There are Zanu Pf people like Reserve Bank Governor Gideon Gono, Army Commander Constantine Chiwenga and Police Commisioner Augustine Chihuri who are refusing to pay their hefty Net One Telephone and Zesa bills. The free money which they used to get from Gideon Gono’s printing machines at Fidelity Printers is no longer available.More needs to be done to force these tycoons to own up and start paying their debts. They must stop harassing the poorest in society who cannot afford to pay. Every Zimbabwean citizen should just stop paying their water and electricity bills until Mugabe and his inner circle have cleared their bills. Power cuts has got nothing to do with sanctions, Mugabe and his inner circle should just pay up their electricity bills and Zesa will be viable and be able to provide enough power to industries and the people of Zimbabwe!


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Freedoms without a sense of responsibility can be dangerous to development MDC-T Is Good At Campaigning Not Governing –Bennett

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  • 1. Zizzle  |  April 2, 2012 at 11:05 pm

    This is so true my last visit to zimbabwe was shocking , they are getting richer and richer as the rest of the country struggles


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