Abolish two Parly chambers: Makoni

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ZIMBABWE must abolish the two chambers of parliament, as the country is too
small and poor to afford such luxury, president of Mavambo/Kusile/Dawn
(MKD), Simba Makoni said.

Speaking at a public debate on the new constitution, co-hosted by the Media
Centre and the Election Support Centre in Harare recently, Makoni said
Zimbabwe was too poor to afford a bicameral system.

“We should abolish the two chambers of parliament and go to one chamber. A
country as small and poor as ours, cannot afford the luxury of two
chambers,” said Makoni.

“Even one chamber should be reduced to a moderate size of 150 people . . .
representing 14 million people is quite equitable.”

Parliament has 210 MPs and 93 senators who draw substantial amounts of
allowances and loans from government annually.

The former Finance minister said politicians in the coalition government had
failed dismally to serve the people. He said they were now concentrating on
consolidating their power instead of serving people who voted them into

“From February 13 2009 to date, the people who assumed office to transit our
country from crisis and conflict to peace, reconciliation, harmony and
stability have not seen that as their principal mandate. instead, they have
made their principal mandate to contest for power.”

Makoni also said there was a crop of individuals who were contesting each
other to “acquire more power and more material resources for themselves”.
The MKD leader added that the new constitution must affirm limits of terms
of State office, including that of the Prime Minister and all State offices
“must have term limits”.

“Two terms are enough for a minister to serve for his people. two terms are
enough,” said Makoni.

Co-panelist, Minister of Constitutional and Parliamentary Affairs, Advocate
Eric Matinenga, concurred with Makoni, saying he was going to lead by
example by serving only one term in office.

The inclusive government was formed in February 2009 after protracted
negotiations brokered by South Africa between Zanu-PF and the two MDC


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