The people of Zimbabwe sadly remember 27 June 2008

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Today is 27 June 2012, a very significant and memorable day for the people
of Zimbabwe as it brings sad memories of how Zanu PF, dripping with blood,
stole the people’s will and elections on 27 June 2008.

Exactly four years ago today, the people of Zimbabwe witnessed a very sad
event as Zanu PF and its president, Robert Mugabe claimed to have won an
election that was contested by one presidential candidate.

This was despite the fact that Zanu PF had been trounced heavily by the MDC
and President Tsvangirai in the harmonised elections held earlier in March.

Today, we sadly remember the hundreds of MDC members and their families who
were murdered, tortured and maimed at the hands of Zanu PF and State
security. Families were left broken, homeless and destitute as Zanu PF
hoodlums went on a rampage looting and raping innocent people.

The country was brought on its knees by a ruthless Zanu PF regime that
wanted to cling to power at all costs despite losing its popularity through
dictatorship, corruption and disregard of the people’s freedom.

However, we salute SADC, AU and the international community for not
recognising this sham election as it led to the formation of the inclusive
government with President Tsvangirai as the Prime Minister.

The inclusive government, despite attempts by Zanu PF to scuttle its
performance, has brought the country’s economy back on track. Schools and
hospitals have reopened and basic commodities are now available.

The MDC supports the guarantors of the Global Political Agreement (GPA),
SADC’s stance that the inclusive government puts in place measures to ensure
the next plebiscite will not be another sham election.

The MDC hails SADC’s position that Zimbabwe must proceed with the
implementation of all outstanding issues in the GPA and the roadmap to free
and fair elections.

In its communiqué at the end of the Extraordinary Summit of SADC Heads of
State and Government in Luanda, Angola on 1 June 2012, the regional bloc
urged the parties to the GPA, assisted by South African President and SADC
facilitator Jacob Zuma, to develop an implementation mechanism and set time
frames for the full implementation of the roadmap to elections.

The MDC is fully committed to the implementation of the election roadmap and
challenges other parties to the GPA to play their role to ensure a free and
fair poll that guarantees the secrecy of the ballot as well as the security
of the vote and voter.

The people’s struggle for real change: Let’s finish it!!


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