SADC summit again delivers nothing for Zimbabwe

August 21, 2012 at 9:11 am Leave a comment

By Lance Guma

SADC leaders met in Mozambique on Saturday, to debate the political crisis
in Zimbabwe among other things, and after 2 hours of discussion produced a
list of resolutions that analysts say will do little to resolve outstanding

South African President Jacob Zuma, the SADC appointed facilitator,
presented his report to the summit. The regional grouping later produced
another watered down communiqué, urging the parties in Zimbabwe to develop a
roadmap with timelines for the creation of conditions for a free and fair

Speaking to SW Radio Africa Dewa Mavhinga, the regional coordinator of the
Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition, said: “SADC has been taking timid decisions
and steps forward and there is clear need, if we are to reap dividends, for
SADC to be more pronounced and decisive in terms of where it stands.”

Adding to the dark clouds around the summit was Zuma having to leave
Mozambique early to go to Rustenburg in South Africa, where more than 34
striking miners were shot dead by police.

There were to be more side shows when Deputy Prime Minister Mutambara threw
his toys out of the pram when Zuma refused to meet him as a ‘principal’ in
the negotiations. Zuma had also refused to meet Mutambara last Wednesday
when the South African leader travelled to Harare.

ZANU PF spent the whole weekend attacking Zuma and accusing him of ‘nepotism’
for siding with Welshman Ncube, who is embroiled in a leadership dispute
with Mutambara. ZANU PF strategist Jonathan Moyo claimed in an article that
Zuma was biased because Ncube’s son is married to Zuma’s daughter.

Ncube says Mutambara brought the embarrassment upon himself by bringing up
the dispute that has torn the smaller MDC apart. “This whole debate would
not have taken place had Mutambara not arrogantly raised the issue before
the Troika and SADC would not have de-recognised him,” he said.

Meanwhile sources at the summit say SADC leaders criticised ZANU PF’s
behaviour in the constitution making exercise. Despite all three parties in
the Constitutional Select Committee (COPAC) putting their signatures on a
draft constitution, ZANU PF has made a u-turn and wants to change certain

Commentators say Mugabe’s party, which is being torn apart by factionalism,
is desperately trying to manage its internal dynamics and certain clauses
like the selection of Vice Presidential running mates are creating vicious


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