Mugabe threats to rivals if they boycott elections

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HARARE – President and First Secretary of Zanu PF, Robert Mugabe, says the
party’s forthcoming National People’s Conference to be held in Gweru will
help cement the party’s unity as it gears itself for next year’s harmonised
Mugabe said factional fights did cost Zanu PF dearly in the 2008 elections
which led to the formation of the inclusive government.

“The party as a whole is what we are fighting for and no one is above the
party. That should be our driving force,” said Mugabe.
Mugabe said this in Harare while addressing the Zanu PF 90th Central
Committee meeting.
He also told loyalists that Zanu PF was assured of a “blatantly God-given
victory” in elections next year, claiming the MDC-T was in disarray after
being exposed as incompetent and corrupt.

He warned those who are threatening to boycott next year’s elections
alleging that the playfield is uneven, saying the elections will be held
whether they like it or not as they have cheated the electorate enough.
Said Mugabe: “You can’t get anything better that this (even playing field).
I don’t know if there is any country which can beat this……”
He said an incident in one part of Zimbabwe cannot affect the general
situation in the whole country, adding that what is important is for voters
not to vote under duress and pledged that government will see to it that
the elections are held peacefully.
“On our part, we will ensure that there is no pressure exerted on the
voter,” the President said.
Turning to the Second All-Stakeholders Conference, Mugabe said the
conference should not be turned into a forum for political arguments, adding
that it should be progressive.
“The stakeholders conference should be a forum to adjust the draft
constitution and reconcile it with what the people said during the outreach
programme,” he said.
He thanked the people of Venezuela for overwhelmingly re-electing President
Hugo Chavez who shares the same ideology with Zanu PF saying the vote was a
fight against imperialism.
Meanwhile, Zanu PF has cleared and re-admitted three of its members who had
been suspended for crossing the party line.
Zanu PF Secretary for Information and Publicity, Rugare Gumbo disclosed that
the three members who have been re-admitted into the party are Jimaya
Muduvuri, Mike Kadzura and Bhuto Gatsi.
Muduvuri bounced back as the National Consultative Assembly Member while
Mike Kadzura and former provincial youth chairman for Bulawayo Bhuto Gatsi
have been re-admitted as ordinary party members.
Muduvuri was suspended as Central Committe member on allegations of working
in cahoots with Dr Simba Makoni’s Mavambo party, while Kadzura was suspended
over allegations of campaigning for his brother Jonathan who is vying for a
parliamentary seat in Manicaland.
All the charges were dropped after the Zanu PF disciplinary committee found
that the allegations were baseless.
He said “gross shortcomings” which included corruption in local authorities
and the failure to provide basic services had weakened the MDC-T which won
the legislative ballot as well as the first round of the Presidential
elections in 2008.
Mugabe insisted that elections would go ahead in March, dismissing claims by
the MDC-T that conditions were not yet in place for a free and fair ballot.
“The MDC-T is saying let us level the ground. I do not know kuti kunodiwa
matractors here to level the ground? You cannot get it better than this,” he
“If there is a fight in one place or the other that does not mar the general
peace; what is important is that people must be able to vote without
“On our side we will ensure that there is no pressure exerted on the
people.Asingade kuenda kuma elections, we do not force anybody.
“Some people think that they are important. That is nonsense. We will
proceed. We are sailing on the road to elections in March. Vasingade, we do
not force.”
Mugabe said the coalition government which was established following
inconclusive elections in 2008 should have been replaced after 18 months.
“We have cheated on democracy. Democracy does not go that way,” he said.
MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai agrees that the unity government is no longer
workable but wants political reforms fully implemented before new elections
can be held.
But Mugabe said he rivals did not want elections because they were enjoying
the luxuries which come with being in government.
Meanwhile, the country’s notorious Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) has
insisted that publication of Presidential election results can still be
delayed beyond the five days stipulated by law.
Acting ZEC chair, Joyce Kazembe, told state radio that the electoral body
reserves the right to delay announcement of results in the event of
She insisted that the five day period stipulated in amendments to the
electoral legislation was subject to review.
The five day period was agreed by GPA parties as part of reforms to the
country’s electoral laws ahead of fresh polls next year.
The requirement was aimed at preventing the 2008 crisis when announcement of
the first round results of the Presidential ballot was delayed for more than
a month.
Attributed to logistical problems, the delay stocked political tensions in
the country amid claims by opposition groups that the results were being
massaged in favour of President Robert Mugabe.
Analysts however said Mugabe was using the delay to strategize on how to
face the biggest crisis of his 28-year rule after losing the Parliamentary
ballot to the MDC.
Final tallies for the legislative vote gave the MDC-T 99 seats, Zanu PF 97
and the breakaway MDC faction 10.
When eventually released, the results showed that MDC-T leader Morgan
Tsvangirai had won 47.9% of the vote and Mugabe won 43.2%, thereby
necessitating a run-off.
Mugabe won the re-run after Tsvangirai pulled out accusing his rival of
launching a brutal crackdown on his supporters.


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