Zimbabwean pressure group calls for the demolition of President Robert Mugabe’s government

October 18, 2012 at 1:01 pm Leave a comment

By changezimbabwe  correspondent

A United Kingdom based Zimbabwean Pressure group, “Zimbabwe Let’s Unite”-ZLU-has called for the demolition of the government of President Robert Mugabe and his arrest for the mass killing of many Zimbabweans during the many years of repressive rule in Zimbabwe.

Speaking at a meeting that was attended by many UK based exiled Zimbabweans at the Malaika House in Birmingham, the chairman of the newly launched pressure group,  Herbert  Moyo said President Mugabe and the thugs that are operating under his command, must be arrested and undergo trial at the International court of Justice in the Hague.

“Our aim is to unite all Zimbabweans from different political parties, churches, human rights groups, professional associations and individuals to get together and seek ways and means of putting pressure on President Mugabe” Herbert Moyo said.

The vice chairman of the “Zimbabwe Let’s Unite” pressure group, Kevin Ngwenya said despite the fact that many Zimbabweans in the UK Diaspora have different political views and opinions, it is however important for Zimbabweans to unite since unity is strength.  The spokesperson of the group Sunduza  Phakathi  echoed the views of the vice chairman, saying that although the Zimbabwean ZANU PF party of President Robert Mugabe has destroyed Zimbabwe, a country that was once a prosperous nation, the party has however managed to survive for many years because of unity.

“The onus is now on Zimbabweans who are not part of ZANU PF, to unite in order to remove President Mugabe from power”  Sunduza Phakathi said.

Speaking at the same meeting, one of the founder members of the group, Gertrude Kugura said time has now come for Zimbabweans in the UK Diaspora, including those who do not belong to any political party to unite in any effort to contribute to change in Zimbabwe.  She urged Zimbabwean women to be on the forefront of helping the nation’s men in the battle for change in Zimbabwe. “Zimbabweans in the UK need to be more united and strive to help each other in times of any hardship, bereavement or the challenges that some  Zimbabweans may face in the United Kingdom” Gertrude Kugura said.







A prominent UK based Zimbabwean political activist and social commentator Makusha Mugabe mentioned that due to the political impasse in Zimbabwe, many Non Governmental Organisations- NGOs operating in Zimbabwe are finding it very difficult to feed the people of Zimbabwe due to political interference.  He said it is very important for Zimbabweans to unite so as to bring Zimbabwe on track.


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