Police abuse traumatised villagers

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Ritual murders that have been on the rise in the past few months leaving a sour taste in the mouth and you would think any foward thinking person would welcome the move by police to keep vigil in the villages in order to protect villagers who are understandably living in terror from the murder of six people in a space of only two weeks.

However, these same police should not target the villagers who are victims of a hitherto inexplicable murder series. Instead the law enforcement agents should take time in carrying out the investigations and restore a sense of security in this otherwise restless community.

There is information that has come to me, and which I hear with disdain. The police now target the victims, and terrorise them further, for the simple act of moving during the night even in their backyards. There is no justice in arresting haunted villagers and we call upon the police not to target the victims, instead the police should get their act together and get to the bottom of the murders. We need to end the disturbing streak in a country where some people still believe in black magic.

It really defies logic that a whole village, which includes people who lost relatives and friends should now face the wrath of the police and even soldiers. Soldiers belong to the barracks and battlefronts and should not interfere with civilians, it is up to the police who sadly do not inspire confidence because of their acts.

It is little wonder that whenever people see a police officer they do not feel confident, but are scared and expect to be intimidated. It is time that Zimbabwe’s police, who are ironically still admired internationally for their professionalism, demonstrate that they are not a brute force who work against the broad public but a unit whose mandate is to protect the people.



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