Jabulani Sibanda – a desperate but dangerous imposter with wet ears

March 28, 2013 at 9:47 am 2 comments

Lunacy is ZANU PF’s second nature, it would appear. Without wasting time and
effort looking beyond the so-called Zimbabwe Liberation War Veterans
Association, one can easily count more than a dozen lunatics who have
unfortunately tainted what would have been a noble organisation, given our
bitter history.

When the leadership of this association went to the dogs (literally), not
many Zimbabweans continued to take it seriously, including, paradoxically,
even the patron of the organisation who is now at a loss as to which of the
two splinter groups represents the real ideals of the liberation struggle. A
former taxi driver masquerading as medical doctor and freedom fighter,
Chenjerai Hunzvi, who knew the streets of Warsaw better than he could spell
his full name, was the first to bring shame to the former liberators’
movement. Later, came the “legendary “Joseph Chinotimba and now this
prodigious moron, Jabulani Sibanda!

The only difference between Sibanda and his two predecessors is probably
that he is too young to have fought in the liberation war no matter how much
spin he puts to his curriculum vitae. Even if it was edited by Jonathan
Moyo, any sane Zimbabwean would still see gaping holes in it. Jabu’s age is
a matter of public record and I won’t waste your precious time discussing
that fact other than to say he was never a bearer of “chitinyana or
sitikinyana” assuming he knows what it is. But I digress.

At a press conference recently in Gweru, Sibanda, shamelessly, accused the
MDC of “betraying the liberation struggle by calling for sanctions”. He went
on to say that war veterans will not allow MDC or any party other than ZANU
PF to win the next elections. As if this foolish sabre-rattling was not
enough, Jabulani further said, categorically, “If the worst comes to the
worst, our weapons will defend our ideas”.

When one looks at events of the past few days which culminated in the
shameful incarceration of prominent lawyer Beatrice Mtetwa and a number of
innocent Zimbabweans including staff from the Prime Minister’s office, one
can conclude that in his calamitous desperation, this hoodlum is not acting

Nevertheless, if ours was a normal democracy, recent statements attributed
to him would have instantly attracted a charge of treason for which he would
be facing a death sentence or a lengthy period as an unwilling guest at
Hotel Chikurubi. Jabulani needs to be reminded that nowhere on planet earth
has the gun solved any problem conclusively. It may have been a means to an
end in some cases but not an end in itself. Lancaster House talks, UN
Resolution 435 which paved the way for an independent Namibia and may
others, are very close examples which demonstrate that the pen is always
mightier than the sword as voters will again prove during the next
elections. For that reason, Zimbabweans are ready and itching for that
opportunity to use the pen to defend their destiny.

Nobody should take Zimbabweans for granted. Had it not been for our love for
peace, prosperity and co-existence (some would say it’s cowardice), the
country would have “burned and crashed a long time ago”, to borrow a famous
quote from Eddie Cross. However, our deep love for the only Zimbabwe we have
coupled with our above-average literacy (by African standards), made us
choose the route of peace which we are determined to conclude in the
solitary comfort of the ballot box. The recent referendum, like that in
2000, has been a big wake-up call for Jabulani Sibanda and other like-minded
scaremongers so they are now trying their best to provoke our intelligence
with the hope that we will lose focus and start exerting our energies
towards useless battles, but we won’t.

Jabulani and his surrogates as well as masters must be reminded that
Zimbabweans know that they are now in their last mile so there is no need to
start the race afresh. Hypothetically, if we were to pit all surviving
ex-combatants against the rest of the peace-loving population, I don’t think
we would need to be rocket scientists to accurately predict the result even
if the referee was a blindfolded blind man.

Zimbabweans will never forget who their real heroes and heroines are. We
shall forever hold these in the highest esteem such as Josiah Tongogara,
Nikita Mangena, Josiah Tungamirai, Lookout Masuku, Rex Nhongo, comrade Dzino
(Wilfred Mhanda), Henry Dzinotyiwei, Teurai Ropa Nhongo (even those who have
now lost their way such as Rugare Gumbo and Emmerson Mnangagwa), not wet ear
imposters literally singing for their supper such as Jabulani Sibanda.

In South Africa, there was once a youthful loose cannon in the name of
Julius Malema but we all know what eventually happened to him. If ZANU PF
won’t reign in their misguided sons such as Jabulani Siabanda, Zimbabweans
shall. It is just a matter of when.

Moses Chamboko writes in his personal capacity. He can contacted at


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