Independent but not free

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TODAY Zimbabweans take stock of their achievements since Zimbabwe gained Independence from Britain 33 years ago.

Report by Mjobisa Noko

Zapu is humbled by how resolute Zimbabweans have remained in the face of total violation of their rights.

Zapu believes that there is nothing to celebrate given that the Independence that is there has no freedom to talk about. The country lurched from a white racist’s establishment into a black racist’s establishment that has turned itself into semi god. The government of the day has turned a people’s revolution into a tragedy.

Zapu is calling for a new dispensation because the present government has failed to stem corruption, nepotism and the Handiyendi syndrome has gripped its old and non-performing leadership.

Numerous innocent Zimbabweans have disappeared; some have died at the hands of the State. Some 20 000 civilians are still to be accounted for since the Gukurahundi massacres in Matebeleland and the Midlands in the mid-1980s. Zapu, therefore, demands that a truth and reconciliation commission be set up without delay to resolve this issue.

Zimbabweans are demanding to a have a chance to choose their leaders without coercion. In the new draft constitution, they demanded devolution of power, an end to kleptocracy and dictatorship and they have a God-given right to be accorded what they so wish.

While we salute those that sacrificed for the motherland, we frown at those that have turned Zimbabwe into their personal property, where they have personal fiefdoms and encourage regionalism and also espouse tribal overtones to divide the people of this great nation.

Zapu and the citizens who are the country supreme authority demand that they should be afforded the chance to participate in the country’s electoral process so as to clear the way for a fair and free harmonised election to be held this year.

Zapu also demands that the present government should take responsibility for taking this beautiful country into a basket case. Zimbabweans cannot feed themselves, social services like health, education, water supply is non-existent while some people still declare the people want them. Zimbabweans are under black colonialism and Zapu will fight to liberate them this time democratically.

On Independence Day we also want to inform all Zimbabweans that Zapu, the people’s party withdrew from the Unity Accord and is not going back.

Finally Zapu will continue to call for a return to the values of the liberation struggle, devolution of power to the provinces, respect and protection and promote human rights which it fought for against colonialism.

Noko is National secretary of information , publicity and marketing for Zapu



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