MDC T files court application to challenge Mugabe’s proclamation

June 14, 2013 at 3:38 pm Leave a comment

By Violet Gonda

The credibility of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) is
going to be tested over the weekend as they decide to what extent they will
contest President Robert Mugabe’s unilateral decision to hold elections on
the 31st of July, in contradiction of the Global Political Agreement of
which SADC is a guarantor.

MDC-T spokesman Douglas Mwonzora told SW Radio Africa his party has filed an
urgent court application challenging the legality of what the President has

“We are not appealing against the Constitutional Court decision per se. We
are saying the constitution has not been followed and the Constitutional
Court must examine or review whether the constitution has been followed by
the action of Mugabe,” Mwonzora said.

The MDC formations in the inclusive government are set to present the
regional leaders with a dossier of complaints, highlighting violations of
previous agreements, at the extraordinary summit on Zimbabwe in Maputo on

Analysts say Mugabe’s clever use of the constitutional court, combined with
his presidential powers, has allowed him to by-pass the GPA process and any
objections that SADC might raise.  But MDC President Welshman Ncube said:
“The ball is now in SADC’s court, do they accept to be deceived this way? Do
they accept the brazen contempt against them? If SADC allows Mugabe to get
away with this, it would be a very, very sad indictment on them.

“On our part, we will go to SADC on Saturday and place it on record that we
feel cheated by the scoundrels in Zanu PF.”

Analyst Piers Pigou from the International Crisis Group said Mugabe’s
actions have profound political implications, with a range of different
interpretations. He said it would appear to be part of the ongoing
“brinkmanship” that has been seen, particularly from ZANU PF in the last few
months – a political game to strengthen his hand at the SADC summit around
the disputed reform agenda.

“I think it is going to be absolutely critical to see whether the five
(opposition) political parties come together as they did last week and issue
a joint statement in response to this.

“A joint statement from the five political parties will, I think, make SADC
sit up and take note and make for a more robust engagement at the SADC
summit in terms of what SADC is going to be able to mediate,” Pigou said.

MDC99 leader Job Sikhala blamed the crisis on all the political actors in
the inclusive government. He said: “Those people who have been with ZANU PF
in the inclusive government are stupid. They have betrayed the people of
Zimbabwe. We have been expecting Welshman Ncube and Morgan Tsvangirai to
force ZANU PF to have political reforms. They have been in this government
and have never done anything. The three political parties are responsible
for the crisis. For five years I never thought they would bring to the table
this nonsense.”


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