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As expected, on the 4th July 2013, the newly formed Constitutional Court of Zimbabwe endorsed the 31st of July as the final date on which the harmonised elections of Zimbabwe should be held. These elections are meant to replace the shaky coalition government that was created between the two MDCs and Zanu PF. This ruling by the Constitutional COURT to uphold its earlier ruling on the election date is in defiance of the appeal lodged by the other GNU partners and also in defiance of the recommendations of the regional body SADC, which had advised the coalition government partners to approach the Court seeking a delay of at least two weeks in order for the proposed reforms of the media, security sector and electoral laws to be implemented.

This decision just shows the bias of the court and also shows how Mugabe has been making unilateral decisions throughout the entire life of the Government of National Unity. Mugabe just wanted to show where the real power is, whether it was the GNU, SADC or him. This decision to rush the elections is what Mugabe and Zanu PF wanted and this is what the Constitutional Court did. The appeal was destined to fail anywhere as the original decision had a Zanu PF influence and Chinamasa categorically said that he was being forced by SADC to make the appeal, otherwise President Mugabe had no problem with holding elections on the 31st of July as earlier ordered by the Court. The court was therefore going to endorse their paymaster’s wishes. Chinamasa and Mugabe said they were respecting and following the court’s directive by unilaterally declaring the holding of elections on the 31st of July. Since when has Mugabe and Chinamasa started respecting the rule of law?. Many a times they have ignored court rulings and done what they wanted, they only respect the rule of law when it suits Zanu PF. The earlier decision to hold elections was a Zanu PF influence anywhere and was therefore not prepared to ask for an extension as proposed by the MDC or SADC. After having been humiliated and dressed down in Maputo by the two MDCs, and SADC and President Zuma having shown no signs of supporting him anymore, Mugabe doesn’t care anymore and wanted to show who is now calling the shots when it comes to Zimbabwe’s domestic issues. Mugabe knows the uneasy marriage between him and President Tsvangirai is over, so he doesn’t care no more and he knows he now remains the sole authority in Zimbabwe and can now behave in whatever way he wishes. Mugabe just wanted to create more confusion and chaos and also creating panic within the MDC and also frustrate them while time is running out. There seems to be no way and time to implement those reforms. They can be done on paper but in reality it will be business as usual for the Zanu PF thugs who are always used to manipulate the vote.

But why do Mugabe and Zanu PF wants an election like yesterday? Mugabe has been threatening elections to end the coalition since the start of the GNU throughout to the end of it. But the question still remains why when it seems like it is Zanu PF that is still heavily wounded and fractured. The divisions within the party seem to be widening by the day, they lost the last election, there seem to be no money to finance the running of the elections as a few weeks ago the government was begging the funds from the United Nation. The begging bowl was only withdrawn when Chinamasa and Zanu PF didn’t agree to some of the conditions that were being set by those who were prepared to help with the funding of elections. If Zanu PF didn’t have the money to fund the election, they could have continued to beg and comply with the demands of transparency that were being asked by the United nations, but Zanu PF knew that they had the money stashed somewhere and there is is not going to be any transparency in the running of the elections so they couldn’t bother giving in. It is known that Zanu PF has been running a parallel government throughout the entire life of the GNU with proceeds from the Marange diamonds. So the money is there somewhere more than enough to fund the election. It’s only that the coalition partners of Zanu PF didn’t have the capacity to stop the looting of diamond money from Chiadzwa. I have said this before and I will say it again that money from Marange diamonds is going into Zanu PF thugs’ pockets. The discovery of diamonds in Zimbabwe was a blessing in disguise to Zanu PF bigwigs. The proceeds from Marange diamonds are not benefitting ordinary Zimbabweans but Zanu PF thugs. So this money is going to be used to fund a fraudulent election and try to keep Zanu PF in power. So diamond money is going to be used to fund Zanu PF campaign, maim and kill Zanu PF opponents. The security apparatus namely the Army, Police and the feared CIO are the traditional rigging apparatus that will be kept happy and well-oiled to make sure Mugabe retains power at all cost. There is no doubt that all revenue that was due to the Treasury wasn’t being remitted appropriately. The then minister of Finance, honourable Tendai Biti, who did a sterling job for the past four years, waited and waited for the money but only a fraction of it came when the sizeable chunk was being channelled to Zanu PF coffers. The discrepancy between what the mining companies said they officially remitted and what the Treasury was getting from the diamond money all went to Zanu PF through Obert Mpofu, then minister of mines. Hence the reason why Chindori Chininga was killed was because he knew more and was about to open a can of worms that was going to expose the diamond deals and how Obert Mpofu became so rich overnight. Obert Mpofu, the minister of mines now owns most businesses in Matebeleland, and has anyone asked him how he amassed his entire wealth and could he account for it. Diamonds proceeds are somewhere are being used to oil Zanu PF’s repression machinery that is the Registrar General’s Office, Army, ZRP and the dreaded CIO. So this machinery cannot be oiled forever and remain in place forever, so that’s why Mugabe and Zanu PF wants an election like yesterday.

Look how divided and fragmented Zanu PF are especially at the top, Mnangagwa and his lieutenants on one side, a Solomon less Mujuru on the other side and Mugabe loyalists in the middle who think Mugabe will live forever, this is a threesome time bomb waiting to explode as soon as Mugabe dies. And Mugabe’s health is a headache for Zanu PF, they know he cannot continue to dodge the coffin forever, so they want him to “win” a rigged election for them before he dies and they can then sort out the succession battle between Mujuru and Mnangagwa. If Mugabe doesn’t win this election for them and he dies, then there will be left only the remnants of the then liberation struggle party and no one has the capacity to stand against Tsvangirai and win an election in the current corruption riddled Zanu PF.

Zanu PF rigging machinery is very much active, the voters roll is still in shambles with names of potential voters deliberately misspelt, some names missing from the voters roll, names appearing in wrong constituencies. Tobaiwa Mudede is still very much in charge of the voters roll, why isn’t he shuffled to some other government departments, why doesn’t he retire, what is an Israel company doing with the voters roll and working from Ministry of Defence offices?

Although the GNU had four years in action, not enough action was witnessed in order to have some of the reforms we are crying for now implemented. The GNU achieved nothing in terms of media laws, electoral act reform, and security sector reform. Repressive laws like AIPPA, POSA should have been a priority of the GNU to have them completely repealed not amended. Mugabe has denied any meaningful reforms to take place during the entire life of the inclusive government and four years after having participated in the government we are still crying foul and wanting the reforms to be effected. Mugabe is still very much in use of the security apparatus that he has always used to rig the elections. Mugabe remains as cunning as a fox. Throughout the entire life of the inclusive government, why has Mutambara and Tsvangirai failed to push for these reforms which when they went into government knew makes the playing field uneven. Mugabe managed to bring them on the table, dine and went to bed with them. They slept on duty; they slept with breasts in their mouths (kurara nezamhu mumukanwa chaiko) and forgot why they were in that sinister marriage with Zanu PF. Now the game is up, on the eleventh hour they think they can achieve what they failed to do in four years. Four years went by, what were they doing, globe-trotting, getting attached to a string of women at their disposal, getting used to luxury cars, holidays and houses. Now the marriage is over, Mugabe’s repression machinery is still intact and surely what could two weeks have done to create a free and fair environment for a credible election which we failed to achieve in four years.

Now its game on, we are in it to win it. Yes we can, just hold the bull by its horns.

Just pray not for a repeat of the events of the bloody 2008 election.




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