British Immigration Policy highly racist

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by Ryton Dzimiri

Theresa May is not professional in her job but desperately seeks to make a name by means of pleasing the mob. Professionals do not format policies to please the mob but rather look at real facts surrounding issues.

The Immigration policy is one size fits all and such inflexibility was acceptable in 1920 and is out of date in 2013. People have revolved and there is a new order and awakening in the World so much that even the black predominantly nomadic Africans can no longer accept to be down-graded by someone whose genes makes her feel as superior as God in front of modern human race.

Theresa May’s Immigration policy towards non-Europeans living in Britain is aimed at winning the next coming election and not at the civilisation of humanity. That astigmatism is equal to the same justification that was prevalent during Slavery, Apartheid and Colonialism all of which Britain was leader.

The Immigration policy of this country is loaded with divisive terms like “Non-EU Immigrants”, “Foreign Criminals”, “Asylum seekers” and many terms which separate real people from the chuff. This segregative language is repeated so many times from so many facets in Britain so much that whoever lives in Britain and has no purely White skin can never feel part of the British furniture. Even those born in this country and are not purely White carry the second rating of having to prove their citizenship and will never fully feel British.

An ideal Home Office Institution would create a culture of leading by example so that the whole British Nation would follow the suite to avoid segregative laymen loose language.

When the Home Office addresses people as “None European Immigrants”, the neighbourhood of such people will see them as different people who are inferior. When someone feels that they are perceived as inferior, such people eventually become inferior and they cannot complain once mistreated my authorities. Such a practice is not different at all from Slavery, Apartheid and Colonialism.

The language and practice of Theresa May’s Home Office is a leader in teaching the British Nation to see people of colour as a problem in Britain. Theresa May’s institution are well educated and they know that this practice is wrong but they also know that the affected people are vulnerable and have no capacity to effect negative election results and so can easily be sacrificed.

In Britain, any party that acts so brutally towards Immigrants is guaranteed to win an election and this is what May prefers more than the agony of Immigrants living in Britain.

What is more distressing is that most of the so called Non-European Immigrants in Britain found themselves having no other alternative to survive in life than come to live in Britain. In most cases, these Immigrants come from countries that Britain sabotaged in its quest for wealth during Colonialism. This created an ambiguous political legacy so much that these countries are inhabitable .

One example is the case of Zimbabwe where I come from. Theresa May’s Home Office has created and array of rigid barriers to stop me from bringing my now 15 year old boy to join me Britain.

By mob Justice dictates in Britain, Theresa May is a Hero for barring my son from joining his settled father in Britain. By real justice and known human rights statement that every child deserves the right to a family life, this heroism is criminal.

It is criminal to bar a child from joining his parent who is not in prison. Theresa May and the mob justice refuse to put themselves in my shoes to imagine spending 13 years living in Britain separated from my child who has never cried on my shoulders.

That barring for any reason does not have the ethics of legality. If such barring is legal, then a wider issue of skin colour needs to be put into microscope. Even Apartheid was a Law and the creators did not see any evil because they were not black and refused to put themselves into the shoes of black people to feel the real effect of their bias.

There is no country in the World which does not have a British citizen living there and there is no so much level of injustice towards such Britons so much as to bar them from statutory parental responsibilities.

In the case of Zimbabwe, if the British Government had not invaded Zimbabwe in 1890, I would not have needed to be in Britain today. Britain invaded my country unprovoked and ceased every single tools that my Nation used to survive since the Big Bang. They militarily took our land, our livestock and reduced our people to refugees on our own land totally unprovocked.

We were segregated by the British Government in Rhodesia for being black exactly as we are now segregated in Britain today. The rule of law in Rhodesia demanded that Non-Europeans were not allowed in certain places and could not have certain rights. The rule of Law was manipulated to interpret black problems differently from White problems and the result was well designed to make sure that blacks get less. The rule of Law in Britain says every child has a right to family life and every child of a White Rhodesian who migrated to Britain has been settled with just one sentence of that human rights. Most of the children of Black Rhodesians settled in Britain have been refused entry using any little reason like name irregularity or failure by parent to show savings on accounts.

Theresa May wants non-Europeans settled in Britain to have so much money more than the British people who were born free in this country. A Zimbabwean must show an account that has £1000.00 untouched for three months yet the ordinary Briton who has never known Colonial marginalisation does not have such an amount all his life.

In my example, British Colonial Law denied me any opportunity to become rich in my own Zimbabwe. British Colonialism created evil reactionaries like Mugabe who made it impossible for me to live in my own country of birth. If Colonialism had not happened, Mugabe would not have needed to go to China to learn the art of brutality to remain in power. There would not have been need for the  1983 Gukurahundi massacre which drove me out of my country in 1989. There would not have been need for me to come to Britain.

The same British system which created Colonialism is the same British system which parades me before the British public as a problem which wants to import its own children to flood the streets of Britain.

Theresa May’s Home Office does not want to see the British public told about the history of Zimbabwe in 1888, they want the British public told about Zimbabwean politics from 1980 where the name Mugabe is fronted as the only sole cause of problems.  They enjoy to say Rhodesia was wonderful during Colonialism. They tell a story of a White man who was privileged disproportionately ahead of a Black Rhodesian. Their measure of perfection is where Whites thrived at the agony of Blacks.

The words “Colonialism” are avoided and the legacy totally ignored. There is strict control of information about Zimbabwean Colonial history which shows how Britain made people like me International beggars. Freedom of information is alright in Britain provided it does not reveal the Colonial diabolic sins of Britain.

Theresa May and her Home Office department know everything and still make laws that demand that a victim of Colonialism should show a fat bank account in Britain prior to bringing children left in Africa.
In an ideal World, the best way to deal with an insensitive institution is to sue. After every effort has been expanded, the Home Office Apartheid Laws will have to be tested with a Lawsuit. Holocaust was compensated for, Apartheid and Colonialism were abolished. The insensitive designers of such segregative Laws did so focusing their attention on the cheering mob. They continued to carry unjust anti-humanity Laws for a long time without consequences and grew up to believe in such Laws just as Theresa May’s department today. At the end of everything, injustice was abolished. Because Britain did not pay any penny for a century of Colonial sins in Zimbabwe, the May department take Zimbabweans as cheap, incapable and malleable objects who can be abused in any unjust ways for political mileage.

While our families are alienated for being black, Theresa May is using our vulnerability to scale her way up to becoming the Prime Minister of a civilised Britain in front of a cheering mob. They see mob justice still fit to be used against blacks as it was during Colonialism, Apartheid and Slavery.

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