‘Top-secret dossier’ shows how ZANU PF will steal the election

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By Nomalanga Moyo

Sensational new evidence has emerged of how ZANU PF plans to steal the
forthcoming elections aided by the Chinese and by the Israeli firm Nikuv.

The arrival of the MDC on the political scene in 2000, and its call for
change in the way the country was being governed, spelt the beginning of the
end for ZANU PF.

Since then ZANU PF has continued to suffer losses in its support base, with
even the traditionally loyal rural dwellers rejecting the party that has
promised them much but delivered little in 33 years. Reports also suggest
that factionalism has added another dent to the party’s crumbling support.

It is widely acknowledged that ZANU PF has lost all elections held since
2000, including the disputed presidential poll that gave the country the
current unity government.

Running up to the July 31st poll it is clear that ZANU PF cannot win through
a fair electoral process, and now a British newspaper has claimed that it
has solid evidence that the party is engaged in electoral fraud.

The claims were carried by the Mail on Sunday which said it had secured the
top-secret dossier from sources within ZANU PF outlining exactly how Nikuv
and the Chinese government are assisting the party to rig the elections.

This is not the first time that ZANU PF has been accused of tampering with
the electoral process, considering that political fraud is embedded in the
system. In the past, the party has worked with the registrar-general Tobaiwa
Mudede to invent false voters.

But if the dossier is authentic, it will be the most detailed manual so far
on the tactics and resources at the disposal of ZANU PF, with the Mail
reporting that Nikuv was paid $13 million for its role.

Political commentator Rejoice Ngwenya said: “While it may be difficult to
vouch for the provenance of the document, it is not debatable that ZANU PF
has a culture of cheating, having done so since 1980 and revelations that
they will be doing the same again are not surprising.”

Ngwenya added that ZANU PF knew that the MDCs were alert to its traditional
rigging tactics and Nikuv was offering the regime a statistical and
scientific method of manipulating voter figures, including the
under-registration of youths and over-registration of the elderly.

Following the shambolic voter registration process which saw almost two
million young people and thousands of ‘aliens’ failing to register,
questions were asked whether this was an example of the country muddling
along towards a poll it was unprepared for, or whether this indicated a more
sinister plot to steal the election.

In the past two weeks ZANU PF youths have gone on the offensive harassing
and intimidating people in what the Mail says is part of the plan to use the
militia to ‘neutralise the enemy’.

Already, 45,534 youths have been trained and deployed across the country in
armed militia to ‘stem resistance’, with another 7,343 undergoing training
and ‘mass reorientation classes’ to be ready three days before polling, the
Mail reveals.

Key revelations in the report include:

Nikuv International Projects is being paid $13 million to manipulate voter
registration, counter ‘unfavourable’ results and ‘neutralise’ opposition

The Chinese government is helping with ballot rigging, advising on voter
intimidation and providing jamming equipment to silence independent radio

Security forces are adamant that six Zanu PF moderates “must be STOPPED”
from standing. One of the named politicians, Edward Chindori-Chininga, died
last month in a suspicious car crash. His family say it was an

Funding for the covert campaign is coming from controversial diamond
companies, the presidents of two African countries and prominent business
figures from Britain, China and Zimbabwe.

Millions of dollars are being directed towards leaders of southern African
countries providing independent election monitors to ‘drum up support for
poll credibility before, during and after elections’.

For more details, please see story in The Daily Mail –

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